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Hot & Healthy in Business

Welcome to the Hot and Healthy in Business Podcast, bringing you the secrets to burning bright, not out in business. I’m your host Belinda Heit – best known as Bindi, Creative Communications Director for Hot and Healthy in Business. Join me for courageous conversations with experts, thought leaders and business owners about the Mindset, Fuel and Success Strategies needed to be sustainably successful as a woman in small business today.

Apr 14, 2015

Elicia Miller, Candida Expert, is a certified holistic health counselor, journaling facilitator and author of the eBook Detox 101.

Elicia‚Äôs own journey toward physical, mental and emotional enlightenment began years ago. Frustrated with traditional doctors and therapists and the lack of results, she researched and tried over 50 detox cleansing and holistic healing methods from around the world. This process helped her cure herself of many emotional and chronic health issues, including systemic candida, addictions, eating disorders, perfectionism and more. Today, Elicia firmly understands what it takes to heal the body. She specializes in the emotional connection between the mind and body for self-healing and provides her clients all over the world with realistic and encouraging expectations and results.