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Hot & Healthy in Business

Welcome to the Hot and Healthy in Business Podcast, bringing you the secrets to burning bright, not out in business. I’m your host Belinda Heit – best known as Bindi, Creative Communications Director for Hot and Healthy in Business. Join me for courageous conversations with experts, thought leaders and business owners about the Mindset, Fuel and Success Strategies needed to be sustainably successful as a woman in small business today.

Jun 8, 2019

By healing emotions and pain, letting go, forgiving, accepting and appreciating – you can make room for exactly what you want in your life. When energy is balanced, making decisions and creating the life you want is more than a possibility – and it all starts with sound.

Amanda Mackay is a second generation healer who focuses on Sound Healing and Energy Healing. Whether working with people in her healing space in Brisbane or by distance overseas, Amanda assists her clients to balance dissonant emotions, behaviour or thought patterns either learnt or energetically inherited from family or society. 

The Hot & Healthy in Business Podcast brings the secrets to success for women in small business. To find out more visit