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Hot & Healthy in Business

Welcome to the Hot and Healthy in Business Podcast, bringing you the secrets to burning bright, not out in business. I’m your host Belinda Heit – best known as Bindi, Creative Communications Director for Hot and Healthy in Business. Join me for courageous conversations with experts, thought leaders and business owners about the Mindset, Fuel and Success Strategies needed to be sustainably successful as a woman in small business today.

May 26, 2015

Carina Lipold has a Masters in Health Management, is an NLP Practitioner, Pilates Coach and Obesity Trainer, and has worked in 4 different regions and 3 continents. Now based in Malaysia, she continues to live her passion where she has founded CL Consulting (, co-founded Delicious Detox Delivery (, is Health & Wellness Director at PurelyB ( and strives to empower via her articles in magazines like Natural Health and her TV Show on Astro beside others.